ReVeil - With the help of a mysterious vagabond, a single father realizes what is truly most important in life.

We are drawn to believe the stories we tell ourselves about the things that are important to us in life, but when Atlas shrugs and our worldview is shaken will we still see things the same?

MOHAMMED (40), a single father, has brought his two young children to Canada to experience the better life. Since his daughter has recently come of age and must now wear the Hijab, he struggles to explain to her the rules for her new life as he prepares her for her first day wearing it at her new school.

GUY (23), a mysterious bottle collecting vagabond, moves through life unfazed as the people he meets, including Mohammed, judge him for his appearance and not the good deeds that he does without reservation.

Mohammed’s stress filled commute turns tragic when his daughter’s naive understanding of the Muslim rule prohibiting the touching of others sees her get separated from her father and accidentally bumped onto the tracks moments before the express train comes through the station.

As the tragedy unfolds, and the barrier that the ego raises between self and other dissolves, what remains is a heart stopping encounter with the truth about the most important things in life.

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