In Development:

   Cygna Rising

On a Corporation controlled mining planet, a cynical, mute Cygnian girl struggles to elude her mother’s pimp to deliver her ashes to a homeland she has never known. What she discovers there, in the ways of the ancients, is not just a voice, but the power to save her planet and fulfill a destiny she never knew she had.

Over the course of one night, a rudderless millennial cabby – struggling to keep her driver status – is herself delivered when her odd, blind but sympathetic octogenarian rider shares his incredible life story.

The Last Guardian

To adopt his sister a rebellious free-running street punk struggles to becomes a noble Guardian (cowboy knight) and save France’s last wild frontier.

A heartbroken cardiologist – desperate to find her daughter – risks everything in an attempt to confront the pimp who recruited her.

Tipping Uber Alice

Spirit Quest Productions



After his long distance balloon collides with a flock of birds, a daredevil industrialist finds himself staring his mortality in the face.Type your paragraph here.

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